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What is Counselor Campaign?

Counselor Campaign is an international campaign and movement seeking to have a global impact on Mental Health! We are aimed towards providing support and inspiration for those seeking to tend to their mental health, or even those looking to get involved in the mental health support arena. 

It is no secret that there still exists several stigmas and barriers to mental health. Therefore, we are passionate about breaking stigmas and trying to overcome these barriers to increase access and aid. 

Why was Counselor Campaign Founded?

It is our belief that no impositions should be made on the support or opportunity that people received based on certain preferences or stigmas. No matter your beliefs, background, or preferences, mental health is something that is important for all- and equal support should be available for all. Thus, this entire campaign is based on nonaffiliated support and equal-opportunity. In it, we are attempting to break barriers- from language barriers, to cultural barriers, and even societal ones as well- in attempt to bring us together, globally, in recognition and celebration of our need to support our emotional and psychological well-being. 
Further, this campaign also seeks to be led by a diverse and passionate group of individuals so that it can take on a shared vision for the benefit of all.

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